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    Other acitivities

    We have a lot to offer in and around St. Johann in Tirol – here, we will give you a short overview of all the leisure-time activities you can undertake while you are enjoying your summer holidays at the Aktivhotel Crystal!

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    Make a splash into the Holiday Region!

    An indoor pool, three outdoor swimming complexes, and a wellness center offer welcome refreshment from the summer heat. Fun and relaxation are guaranteed with giant water slides, play areas and extensive lawns for sunbathing.

    As our guests you have daily free entrance to the “Panorama-Badewelt”!

    All you need for happiness is a horse!

    Improve your riding skills at one the Holiday Region’s riding stables or explore our scenic surroundings on horseback.
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    The “Panorama Badewelt” in St. Johann

    Swimming Fun in St. Johann
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    Archery – letting off steam in the large course

    The 3-D-Alpen-Parcours Pointenhof does offer twentyeight 3-dimension targets. Several 3-D-animals by ELEVEN are situated in the spacious parcour for example: wolf, owl, deer, fox, wild sow, badger, raccoon, bear, rabbit, turkey, puma, mufflon, crocodile, jawelina, beaver, stag,…
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