Information for guests with booking a booking platform

If you have made your booking through a third-party service provider (, Expedia,, HRS, etc.), please check the exact scope of your booking before arrival. These vary depending on the provider. If you have any questions about this, we are always at your disposal.
For any changes to the booking scope, please contact your provider.

What are booking platforms/external service providers?

Common booking platforms/external service providers are, Expedia,, HRS, and many more.

Is it worth booking through a booking platform/ third-party service provider?

Booking platforms/third party service providers charge fees to hotels for booking. Even for guests, booking through a booking platform/ third-party service provider is not always better. Even if it sometimes looks like a good deal at first glance, the booking scope can vary greatly. Unfortunately, booking platforms / third-party service providers do not always deal transparently with this information and so it can quickly become more expensive for the guest than expected. Please check your booking confirmation carefully and contact us in case of doubt.

What additional costs can I expect?

Depending on the booking platform/external service provider, additional fees are not always shown transparently. Possible additional fees (depending on the provider):

  • Taxes
  • Local tax
  • Breakfast
  • Parking fees
  • Access to the wellness area
  • Pets
  • Other additional services
How do I know what services/fees are included?

You can find the exact scope of services of your booking and also the costs or possible additional costs in your booking confirmation. Please read them carefully.

I would prefer to book directly (but can no longer cancel)?

We have a price guarantee for booking platforms. This means that at all times we guarantee the same price for direct bookings that you would have received from a booking platform/external service provider, but with additional inclusive services.

How does it work?

  1. Send us your booking request by mail with a screenshot of your current booking confirmation (price and scope of services must be recognizable)
  2. Receive a quote from us within 24 hours of receiving your written booking request.
  3. Confirm our offer and request a cancellation through your booking platform/external service provider (we guarantee to agree to this if you book again).
  4. Enjoy your great offer price with additional inclusive services (for example: free parking for the duration of your stay).